Boarding location

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Reservation requirements

  • Be of legal age (+18).
  • Present your ID or identity document.
  • Pay 100 euros in advance in any of the reservations.

Navigation zone

The navigation area is constituted from Cala Aubarca to Cala d’En Serra, with a maximum distance from the coast of 1 mile (1,852 km).


Passengers must be over 3 years old.
The maximum number of passengers inside the boat is four people.
The booking is not charged per person.


In order to confirm the reservation, you must pay the initial amount of 100 euros in any of the reservations, the rest of the cost of said reservation will be paid upon delivery of the boat.

Also, before delivery, you must give a deposit of 400 euros that will be returned at the end of the reservation.


In case of bad weather, your money will be refunded.